Thursday, December 26th 2019

Merry Christmas everyone!
Although we`re "retired", we`ve been quite busy lately.
After gigs we played with D.R.I. and M.O.D. we can add a new one.
We will be playing at the Dynamo to commemorate the fact that Slayer played there 35 years ago by playing the entire Undisputed Attitude album. (minus one song, I think you can guess which one)

Monday, May 27th 2019

Hell yeah!
Epic is a word you should not use too much. But this is going to be EPIC!! Almost 10 years in the making and we finally succeeded to get D.R.I. to play the Little Devil!

Two and a half years ago, when we did the last MilkMan show in Haarlem we already said to each other: as we see it now there is only one show we`d pick up our instruments for again. And fairy tales do come true on Monday August 12th 2019.
So come celebrate 25 years of MilkMan with us, but most of all: D.R.I. in a setting you won`t get them to see play very often!

Buy your tickets now, because they will be going FAAAAAAST!!

Little Devil

Monday, December 12th 2016

Sad days...
Last Saturday John and Meeri played their last gig with MilkMan. Sers and I (Robin) will continue, though it will be quite difficult to find suitable replacements, if they even exist.

John wrote some goodbye words on Facebook, here they are:

In English, for the few non-Dutch speaking people that might be interested. Als je dat niet kunt lezen maak ik wel een vertaling voor je. :)

Apparently being in a band for almost 25 years gets you a few too many fond memories to keep it short. Here it goes:

Recovered from my (and Meeri`s) last MilkMan show last Saturday in Haarlem. It was a great night and a great goodbye!

Way too many cool experiences to go through them all, way too many people to thank, but still want to point out some of the things we were fortunate enough to have done:

- Starting the band with one goal really: play a show with the mighty D.R.I. We did, for the first time in 2002, and many, many times after that. Many thanks Spike, Kurt and Harald for always giving us such a warm welcome!

- Euro tour with Out Cold, still one of my best musical memories EVER John!

- Playing with my other alltime favourite hardcore punk band M.D.C. And more than once. Thanks Dave!

- Getting to know Mikey Offender and besides being one of the kindest and nicest people I ever met (and of course a brilliant bass player!) him REALLY being a MilkMan fan AND also being one of the first 100 (with membership card to prove it!) members of the US KISS Army and telling stories of the old KISS tours he had been to.

- Having the honour to get quite some music released on the coolest hardcore label ever, Kangaroo. Thanks Henk!! Also thanks to Gert-Jan and Fieke Shield, Wouter Rebellion, Oeb MadSkull (those MadKangarooSkull boat parties were a highlight in itself!) and everybody else who released our stuff.

- Municipal Waste for the great and fun times on the many shows we did together. Thank you Ryan, Tony, Dave and Phil!

- All the venues we played. Some special ones come to mind. Of course the Little Devil (thank you Paul!), 013 (thanks Japi and Ruud for the coolest supports -and some shows of our own- we got to do there), Lintfabriek (thank you Peter), the Pits in Amsterdam (the city that became our second home, thanks to ALL the crazy people overthere), OCCII, ACU, de Oude Ketel in Heist op den Berg, Baroeg (thanks Noel), de Flaat (thanks Barry), Jonosh. And of course Ivo for the last night in Haarlem! Way too many to mention, so I`ll stop here.

- I would have you put away in a mental institution if you would have told me what bands we would play with at the start of our "career": D.R.I., M.D.C., Poison Idea, Accüsed, Carnivore, Suicidal Tendencies, UK Subs, Municipal Waste, GangGreen, Out Cold., M.O.D., Cause for Alarm. And the list goes on and on and on. And then some more...

- The early partners in crime and friends: the Butcher, the Shining and DanDare! But of course also all the other GREAT Dutch and Belgian bands we met and played with.

- All the great people we got to meet through the band and all the great people we already knew but always followed and supported us. Thank you!

- And finally I would like to thank Robin, Sers and Meeri for many, many, many great memories!!

So much for keeping it short. We did a better job keeping it short with the songs we wrote

Thursday, January 7th 2016

And we`ve got another cool gig coming up...
One with Suicidal Tendencies at 013, Tilburg.

Friday, February 21th 2014

Another gig with M.O.D.!!

We will replace Violation of Trust and Tarantino, who both had to cancel due to illness.


***From the Dynamo website***

Het Tilburgse Milkman zal Taratino vervangen. De Tilburgse band is de laatste jaren uitgegroeid tot een vaste waarde in de Nederlandse hardcore/punk/thrash scene. Eerder speelde de band al samen met acts als Pro-Pain, UK Subs, Anti-Nowhere League, Poison Idea en hun grootste voorbeelden D.R.I. Milkman is op aanraden van dhr Milano uitgekozen om Tarantino te vervangen!


Haha, cool...

Thursday, February 6th 2014

Another cool gig to add to our list of gigs with old heroes.


Friday, January 31th 2014

Again another fine club has to close it`s doors.
Our gig at the Rambler will be relocated to Helevete, Oberhausen.


*edit* This gig is cancelled!!!

Sunday, July 28th 2013

Our new split 10" vinyl split with Tense Reaction is available.
Some black, some yellow and all loud and fast.


Tuesday, July 16th 2013

Rebellion records has released Oi! Made in Holland 2

29 bands performing 29 unreleased, classic or soon-to-be-classic Oi! and punk anthems from Dutch soil. This album comes with an 8 page booklet full of photographs and will retail through all mailorders and shops for a special low price. There isn`t a better way then to introduce the classic, the present and future heroes of our Dutch scene through this CD!

Oi! Made In Holland 2 features loads of classic Dutch bands such as The Squats, The Magnificent, NV Le Anderen, Urban Soldiers, Antidote, Tech 9, One Night Stand and Evil Conduct. And both the steady names who have been serving the scene for years as Razorblade, Disturbance, Heros & Zeros, Badlands, Discharger, Hardsell as well as the young and hungry future of Dutch Oi! and punk like The Stealers, Subrockers, The Patrons, The Bruiseheads and many more can be found on this compilation!

1. Razorblade - Days of glory
2. Urban Soldiers - Get out of the way
3. Close Combat - Spit blood
4. G.O.H - Running from the law
5. Badlands - The open road
6. Disturbance - Youth
7. Stealers - Hey
8. The Bruiseheads - The unstoppable force
9. Dead Weights - Tidal wave
10. The Squats - Chaos in Nijmegen
11. Subrockers - Taxi driver
12. Evil Conduct - Skinhead till I die
13. Heros & Zeros - S.O.S.
14. NV le Anderen - Imitation
15. Antidote - Let`s get drunk
16. Intoxication - Punx party
17. Tech 9 - Payback
18. The Patrons - Are you ready
19. Total Loss - Get out
20. Discharger - We`re coming to your town
21. Hardsell - Revolution
22. Scallywags - Another day
23. Pagans - We don`t need
24. The Firm - Broken family
25. Bodyshot - Violence
26. The Magnificent - Desperate in the desert
27. Milkman - Now`s the time
28. One Night Stand - Hometownlover
29. Oi!evaar - Reigers


Friday, November 4th 2011

Sad news
Due to illness we won`t be able to play with The Accüsed today.

Friday, May 28th 2010

013 Supports: HARD voor Willem II:
Peter Pan Speedrock + No Turning Back + Milkman + Restless Youth + Southern Werewolf Farm + Bruiseheads + Born From Pain

Binnen 24 uur van idee naar uitvoering. John Emmen (Milkman), Ries Doms (Quadrofoon Records/Incubate/Hooghwater), Erik van Hest en Peer Weel (Southern Werewolf Farm) zijn die-hard Willem II fans en regelmatige 013 bezoekers. Samen met het enthousiaste personeel van 013 is er in korte tijd een rock- metal & hardcore festival geboren dat op zondag 20 juni in 013 gaat plaatsvinden en waarvan de volledige entree opbrengst naar Willem II gaat. Ook worden er op zondag 20 juni door de medewerkers van 013 duizenden bandshirts verkocht voor Tilburgs trots. De organisatie mikt op 400 bezoekers en € 5.000,- voor Willem II.

Eén van de initiatiefnemers Ries Doms aan het woord:
"Ik ben erg trots, maar vooral heel erg dankbaar, dat we deze line-up voor elkaar hebben gekregen. Voornamelijk omdat een aantal van de bands helemaal niets met Willem II als club hebben, maar in hun directe omgeving wél bevriend zijn met supporters van Willem II en juist daarom direct entousiast waren om mee te werken. Ze steunen ons initiatief omdat ze, net als wij, ook vinden dat er een oneerlijke situatie is ontstaan voor de vele duizenden mensen die Willem II als club een warm hart toedragen!"

PETER PAN SPEEDROCK overtuigt altijd! In een ontiegelijke hoge versnelling en met een sound die je uit je sokken doet waaien. Speciaal voor de Willem II supporters uit hun trouwe achterban spelen ze weer eens in de kleine zaal!

Het altijd sympathieke NO TURNING BACK heeft in de loop der jaren en na een behoorlijk indrukwekkende wereldwijde tourhistorie een mokerhard eigen geluid ontwikkeld. Hardcore zoals het bedoeld is.

MILKMAN vierde vorig jaar nog hun 15 jarige jubileum in 013. Dit jaar staat deze Tilburgse hardcore/punk/thrash band op de planken voor Willem II. Bassist, en initiatiefnemer van 013 supports HARD voor Willem II, John Emmen is geen onbekende binnen de supportersvereniging van Willem II.

Het ter ziele RESTLESS YOUTH zal speciaal voor deze gelegenheid een eenmalig reunie optreden geven. Mis het niet!

Als er één band rockt in Tilburg dan zijn het de Tilburgse formatie SOUTHERN WEREWOLF FARM. Klinkend als een volle achterneef van Black Label Society gemixed met een gezonde dosis Thin Lizzy en een dijk van een attitude.

OI! uit Tilburg, dat kan maar een band zijn en dat zijn THE BRUISEHEADS. Working Class muziek en behoorlijke liefhebbers van voetbal in het algemeen en Willem II in het bijzonder.

Normaal gesproken had BORN FROM PAIN vanwege hun naam en staat van dienst een stuk hoger op de bill gestaan, echter vanwege een show die ze later die dag nog moeten doen in Duitsland was de enige mogelijkheid voor de band om te spelen om als opener te fungeren. Zorg dat je vroeg aanwezig bent!

Friday, May 21th 2010

Uit: Brabants Dagblad
Rock- en metal festival in 013 steunt Willem II
vrijdag 21 mei 2010 | 06:15 | Laatst bijgewerkt op: vrijdag 21 mei 2010 | 09:12

TILBURG - Waar Willem II zich afzet tegen de culturele sector in Tilburg om zo geld bij de gemeente los te peuteren, daar krijgt Willem II spontane steun uit de culturele hoek.

In 013 is zondag 20 juni een rock- en metal festival waarvan de opbrengst bestemd is voor de voetbalclub. Het initatief is van John Emmen (de band Milkman), Ries Doms (Festival Incubate) en Eric van Hest en Peer Weel (de band Southern Werewolf Farm). Zij zijn Willem II fans en bezoekers van 013. Milkman en Southern Werewolf Farm treden belangeloos op. Meer bandnamen volgen nog. De organisatie mikt op 400 bezoekers en 5000 euro voor Willem II.

Saturday, September 12th 2009

Zaterdag 12 september
15 jaar MilkMan @ 013

MilkMan (Tilburg, hardcorepunk)
Gewapend Beton (Amsterdam, punk)
the Butcher (Bergeijk, hardcore)
Razorblade (Den Bosch, oi!)
Dark Intentions (Breda, metal/hardcore)

+ dj Japi
+ distro's van
the Shield,
Rebellion en

Zaal open: 18:30
Eerste band: 19:30
Entree: 5 euro
Waar: 013 Kleine Zaal, Tilburg

Na het optreden (vanaf een uur of 12), op vertoon van je 013-kaartje, in de Little Devil ook nog eens 10 consumpties (fris, bier, wijn, ge kent het wel) voor 15 (jaar MilkMan) in de Little Devil!!


Friday, September 4th 2009

Yesterday, during our rehearsal, Gert-Jan, our label boss, walked in with a box full with new CD`s. It`s always an exciting moment to see how everything turned out.

A double CD with old, new and live stuff on it and, of course, cool artwork, so you can say everything turned out well.


Sunday, April 26th 2009

This year we celebrate our 15th anniversary.
To celebrate this we will have a big party at 013 on saturday, september 12th.
And, as you can see, a new and improved website.
Here you can find the countdown to our party -> MilkMan

For those of you who still want to visit our freaky Combover World, the old website will still be available at the links page.

Monday, December 29th 2008

Ja, toch weer gelukt dit jaar.
Dit jaar geen Frans Bauer, maar bij in het rijtje bij Hans Teeuwen:

25 dec - Jingle Bell Hell 4 in Tilburg
26 dec - A Tribute to Monsters of Rock in Geleen
26 dec - Hans Teeuwen Zingt in Den Haag
27 dec - Dialectpopfestival Nederland in Heinkenszand

Friday, December 19th 2008

Jawel, het is weer bijna kerst, en dus...

Eerste Kerstdag donderdag 25 december:

Jingle Bell Hell 4
@ café Little Devil, Stationsstraat 27, Tilburg

S.O.D.R.I. (MilkMan speelt de liedjes van S.O.D. en D.R.I.)
ªªª¾¾¾Suicidal Failure¶¶¶ (Suicidal Tendencies coverband)

Van de Little Devil site:
Eerste kerstdag is het weer Jingle Bell Hell, 4de ronde, met traditie getrouw onze MilkMan oldschool hardcore formatie. Deze keer als 15th anniversary pre-party (ze bestaan 15 jaar in 2009) hun S.O.D.R.I. optreden (SOD en DRI covers).

support = Suicidal Failure, pure Suicidal Tendencies covers, met Tjerk Outburst, Japi 013, Robin MilkMan, Albert Daytona S.S en Tom Devilöck. Zij zullen na deze show mee gaan doen aan de tribute to the Clash of the Titans tour.

Tegelijk een benefiet voor Spike Cassidy van D.R.I. die nog een hoop doktersrekeningen te betalen heeft na genezen te zijn van kanker.
Entree blijft gratis, maar iedere donatie aan de benefiet pot is welkom!!

Café open: 18:00
Aanvang: 21:30

En ook nog aardig, twee dagen later, MOSHBALL 2 in de Kattendans in Bergeijk, met:
The Rawones
The Agitators
The Butcher
The Real Danger

Friday, October 3rd 2008

Our gig at the Short Fast and Loud Fest tomorrow (04/10/2008) is cancelled. Backache...

Wednesday, July 9th 2008

Mensen drinken meer bij luide muziek

Uitgegeven: 18 juli 2008 23:22

CHICAGO - Mensen in een bar drinken meer naarmate de muziek luider en sneller is. Harde muziek hitst gasten kennelijk op, wat tot een grotere alcoholconsumptie leidt.

Ook zijn gesprekken minder goed mogelijk waardoor er meer wordt gedronken, vermoeden wetenschappers van een Franse universiteit.

Zij observeerden het gedrag van veertig bierdrinkende mannen tussen de 18 en 25 jaar in twee horecagelegenheden. Met de uitbaters hadden de onderzoekers afgesproken dat zij de geluidssterkte van de muziek mochten veranderen.

Uit eerdere studies was al gebleken dat mensen langer in een bar met muziek blijven dan in een stil café. De resultaten van het onderzoek worden gepubliceerd in de oktobereditie van het vakblad Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.


Sunday, July 6th 2008

I`ve found some new (old) photos on the internet.
Check our Photo page.

Monday, May 12th 2008

At last....

We finally made our website Databased.
I don`t know if that is a proper term for a database website, but to be honest, I don`t care.

I really really hated updating the website.
Too much work for a lazy person like me.
Especially the photo-section.
But now I can just upload an entire folder with photo`s and everything is online.
Thumbnails are automatically created and it looks better now.

New gigs, news, reviews I can now add as plain text and it is automatically made up to match our site.

Now it takes a couple of minutes to upload five years of photos, which would have taken me weeks to do in the old site.

So here are hundreds of new (old) pictures.

Monday, November 26th 2007

And here`s another Hell Yeah!!!
A big Fucking Hell Yeah...
A very big fucking Hell Yeah!!!!!
We have another very cool band to add to "played with" list.

It`s going to take place December 11th in the big hall of the 013 in Tilburg.

Tuesday, August 14th 2007

Tonight is the big night.
The official release at Extase in Tilburg.

Monday, July 6th 2007

Meeri (our singer) is going to get married next friday.
This will probably the last time we see him, because he will get the pre-menstrual princess blues and get pussywhipped, so he`ll be busy doing household chores for the rest of his life.

Condolences can be put in our Guestbook

And some other news...

We will be recording, mixing etc. etc. our new album in the first weeks of July.

Sunday, June 16th 2007


Four years after Is this Punk enough the time has come for a new album.
We`re getting older and more nostalgic.
So it`s time to whine about the good old days and play loud and fast.

We`ve finished recording and mixing our album.

Thursday, March 22th 2007

I should have put this up earlier,
but I was too busy writing new material for our upcoming 4th album.
It has taken a couple of years, but I think it will be our best album ever.
Of course, every band says so and then they come up with an album that`s wimpier than James Last.
And of course, they start telling us about how they`ve matured and are more serious now and blablabla.
And after a couple of albums they realize, they suck and try to produce their heaviest album yet......

Our new album is going to ROCK !!!
I think it`s going to be our most diverse album till this far.
But... It will still be hard, loud and fast, because it always ends up like that.
We`ve matured also and this album will be like James Last on steroids.

But anyway...... I`m drifting.

What I intended to tell you was, that we`ve managed to add another fine gig to our list.
We make no secrets about how cool we think it is to play with our old heroes.
Now we can add Gang Green to our list :-))
It`s going to take place at Dynamo in Eindhoven on (easter)sunday april 8th.
Speedcocks will also play.

James Last

Sunday, February 4th 2007

Yesterday we celebrated Meeri`s 40th birthday with a surprise party.
I am still surprised about how we managed to keep it a secret.
He didn`t know anything about it until he entered the Little Devil.
Karaoke All Stars played as well they rocked.
They also provided us with a backline so we could surprise Meeri another time whem we pulled him on stage to play our infamous 10 minute set.
It was a great evening.....
(next one is Sers)

Tuesday, August 22th 2006

Just when I was about to update
our gigs-list with another cool gig (especially for us), this came in:

vom Dienstag, 22.08.2006 12:53
Due to personal problems and all the rumours about the band`s split up, we
have to cancel the whole Accüsed tour. We just try to find a new period for
a new tour later this year. We want to wait until the whole shit talk quit a
little more. Both, the band and MAD Tourbooking agreed that it makes not a
lot of sense to tour with this background right now.

It would have been another gig with one of our old heroes, but it wasn`t meant to be......

Thursday, May 25th 2006

Sometimes being hardcore really sucks.
Hardcore is a way of life, so we have to act according to our songs.
We have a new song called: "Backache" and Sers decided to live up to that song.
(Practice what you preach)
Our gig next Sunday (28th) is cancelled.
First Fight Down will replace us.

Friday, May 12th 2006

Sometimes it is amazing what you can find on the internet.
All kinds of interesting stuff like: porn, sex, hardcore (I mean music), porn, lifestyle, porn, downloads, mp3, interesting websites about bands, hardcore, porn and of course reviews about us.
Did I mention porn?

Anyway...... I found a lot of old reviews and comments, some funny, some not, but still good reading material.
They date back about a year from now, so have fun reading al the things people say about us.

I also found some (old) flyers, that I`ve added to the Gigs page.

Friday, February 10th 2006

Yesterday ªªª¾¾¾WatNouTV¶¶¶ made an ultra-hardcore portrait of us.
The program is called "Spulleke Ofnie" and is hosted by Romano. It airs Friday (17 Feb.) afternoon on Royaal TV (Eindhoven/Helmond/Kempen) and Friday (17 Feb.) evening op TéVéDér10 (Tilburg/Waalwijk).
The program can also be watched on their site.

Monday, November 7th 2005

Our "mini-tour" with Municipal Waste has come to an end.
Everything was good, except maybe for some hangovers.
Great guys, great beer lovers (especially the heavy Belgian ones), great musicians.
Today they are flying back home, but they will be back in February.

Monday, August 8th 2005

Good news and bad news.
Due to persisting throat problems Meeri can`t go on tour. A whole tour would be way to much for him right now.
Good news is that he will be able to do some gigs.
See our Gigs page for more details.

Monday, April 25th 2005

Today I received my paycheck.
(That`s no news, because I get one every month. Have you ever tried to figure one out?)
But there also is some REAL news at last !!!!
We get to go on tour with Municipal Waste !!!!!!

Saturday, January 1st 2005

No news, just best wishes for another new year.
Next week is our first gig of 2005 and more will come.
We`re writing and rehearsing new material for our fourth album.
We still have some songs to go to make it a full-length and we are a lazy band, so hopefully it will be released this year.
We do not smoke, so we can`t quit smoking this year.
Our good intention for 2005: drink less beer and do more rehearsing during our rehearsals.
(I think we can keep this promise until next thursday)

Sunday, July 25th 2004

We`ve added one of our coolest reviews ever. Go to the Reviews page to read it.
A year ago we recorded "Die Hard" for a Venom tribute done by
MadSkull records
After a some problems with their former record-label, the rights to the Venom-songs are back where they belong. The Venom guys now own the rights to their own songs and "Mayhem without Mercy" will be officially released. See our Discography page.

Monday, May 24th 2004

Another Hell Yeah !!!! again.
It`s cool to be in a band.

Especially when you have to play with all your favorite bands.|
So now after a couple of gigs with our heroes from D.R.I. we will play with M.D.C. in Alkmaar.

Check out our Gigs page.

Tuesday, March 23th 2004

Another Hell Yeah !!!!
We will be playing with D.R.I. for third time.
Three weeks after the Effenaar show we will play with them in Kontich.

Thursday, March 18th 2004

We won`t be playing at the European Hardcore Party, because the festival is cancelled.
Read the official explanation from Theo and Onno:

Because the Platte Zaol in Maastricht closed their doors without any kind of warning upfront on the 9th of march last week, we are forced to cancel the European Hardcore Party 11. In spite of the willingness of the Plato in Helmond, the production and financial consequences won`t allow the festival to happen without making a great financial loss. We have decided to cancel the festival, to make sure we can keep on doing our events in the future.

Our well meant and sincere apologies for this.

The tickets that have been bought can be exchanged in the same shops against the paid price.

Tickets that have been ordered by E-mail at the Noizz Music Company can be claimed back through bank by sending an email with name, address, telephone number and reservation number.

Right now we are focusing on the summer festivals and we shall prove that we aren`t beaten, and will keep on going.

Theo Noizz & Onno Cromag

Door het feit dat de Platte Zaol dinsdag 9 maart 2004 zonder verdere waarschuwing vooraf plotseling de deuren heeft moeten sluiten voor onbepaalde tijd, zijn we genoodzaakt de European Hardcore Party 11 volledig te annuleren. Ondanks de bereidheid van Plato in Helmond, kunnen we de productie met de financiële consequenties van deze last minute omzetting niet zonder desastreuze gevolgen door laten gaan. Daarom hebben we helaas toch moeten besluiten dit evenement alsnog te annuleren, om te voorkomen dat de toekomstige evenementen aan een zijde draadje komen te hangen.

Onze welgemeende excuses hiervoor.

In winkels gekochte kaarten kunnen in dezelfde winkels omgeruild worden tegen de betaalde bedragen. Via internet bij the Noizz Music Company bestelde kaarten kunnen dmv een email met naam, adres, telefoonnummer en reserveringsnummer per bank terug gevorderd worden.

We richten ons nu op de zomerfestivals en zullen daarmee bewijzen dat zeker niet uit het lood geslagen zijn, en doorgaan!

Theo Noizz en Onno Cromag

Sunday, March 7th 2004

Hell Yeah !!!! We did it again.
We will be playing with D.R.I. for the second time.
Check out our Gigs page and also find out that we will play at the European Hardcore Party

Monday, December 22th 2003

Sad, sad day.... VERY SAD day.
This morning our friend and driver Roland passed away in his sleep.
He had been suffering from a lung infection and lung cancer for a few weeks now. Nobody had expected it could go this fast. He was only 35.

Click here to go to the Roland page

Wednesday, November 26th 2003

We`re preparing for a very busy month. We are rehearsing for our S.O.D.R.I. show, but we have a lot off gigs coming up, so we must also do some rehearsing for that. It all starts next Friday (28/11/2003) in Utrecht and it ends December 28th in Tilburg. In between we`ll also do a few shows in (East) Germany. See our Gigs page for more details.

Sunday, October 19th 2003

Last Thursday I got my copy of "Harder Faster Louder Better..."
It`s a cool tape from the Czech republic containing the "Fresh Fruit For Rotten Aliens" and "Is This Punk Enough For You?" albums.
Available from Drugs Kill Your Mind records.

Monday, September 22th 2003

The S.O.D.R.I. show is confirmed.
It will happen on Sunday the 28th of December.
It`s on a Metalmatinee in 013 so be there early !!!!!!

Wednesday, September 10th 2003

We are working on new material AND we`re also preparing to do a gig with covers of our two major influences D.R.I. and S.O.D.
S.O.D.R.I. should take place in 013 on a Sunday Metalmatinee somewhere in December.
More details will follow......

Thursday, July 24th 2003

New pictures of our gig in 013 added.

Thursday, July 10th 2003

We played in 013 in Tilburg together with Pro-Pain and Violent Solution.
Of course we ROCKED and we played a cover from Gary`s old band Crumbsuckers with Gary on vocals. Hell Yeah!!!!
I`ve added some >pictures of our gig.

Sunday, June 29th 2003

I got our copy of Las Fronteras no nos paran (=Borders won`t stop us).
A compilation CD with a lot of Dutch hardcore punk bands on it, only available in Equador.
With: Beans, Dandare, Rebound, Die Nakse Bananen, !Anti-gonE!, Seein Red, Disturbance, Kamikaze, Mihoen, Human Alert, SAF, Skatonomen, Betercore, Antidote and us of course.

Thursday, June 19th 2003

We recorded "Die Hard" for the Venom tribute.
It`s still a Venom song, but done in a MilkMan way.

Sunday, June 1st 2003

Last week we`ve added some new reviews
We`re also rehearsing "Die Hard" for a Venom tribute done by MadSkull records.

Saturday, February 22th 2003

Hell Yeah !!!!! We got our copies of our new album.
A vinyl and a CD version. Everything looks and sounds great.
Only six more days to the release party !!!!

Wednesday, January 8th 2003

- 22/01/2003: We are touring Eastern Europe, Belgium and Netherlands.
Pictures of the tour will be added soon on the photo-pages.

Sunday, December 15th 2002

We finished mixing our third album.
Only some mastering has to be done.

Friday, December 13th 2002

We started recording for our third album.
"Is this Punk enough for you?"

Saturday, August 17th 2002

A new poll is added to our site.
To find out if we are Punk enough for you, answer the questions.

Saturday, August 3rd 2002

Last week I got my copy of the new 7" by Kangaroo Records.
It features: Crispus Attucks, Bury the Living, Dandare, Brezhnev,
Blurters, A.V.O., Something in the water, Anger in Motion, Jesus and the Gospelfuckers and us.

Friday, July 12th 2002

We played with D.R.I. yesterday.
We rocked... and so did D.R.I. They did a greatest hits show.
Everyone had a great time.

Saturday, April 13th 2002

D.R.I tribute song is mixed. It really rocks !!!!!!!!!!!
It definitely us and still sounds like a D.R.I. song.

Tuesday, April 9th 2002

The "DP (OR Not DP) #4" CD is finally out !!!
It contains 39 great songs from Antidote, Milkman, Dependent, nbp, Bambix, The Drugs, The Shaggable Sluts, Lomb, Rebound 2.15, Kru$h, No Butt No Hole, No Hoodlums, NIRC, Los Asesinos De La Superficialidad, The Riplets, The Lulabelles, Fairfight, Hæckefløsse, The Apers and DanDare. The price is only 3 Euro (4,50 Euro incl. postage).
Available from ªªª¾¾¾
DP (Or Not DP)¶¶¶

Saturday, April 6th 2002

Last week we recorded our version of "Problem Addict", a D.R.I song from their "Full Speed Ahead" album. This song will be featured on the D.R.I. tribute album "We don`t need Society" and will be released by
Malt Soda Recordings
Some other bands on this album will be: The Butcher, Vitamin X, Ratos de Porao, The Fartz and (of course) Holy Moses???

Saturday, February 9th 2002

New MP3`s on our MP3 page

Monday, February 4th 2002

We have a new domain.
So, if you have bookmarked our site, change the address
Our adress will be available for about a month from now

Saturday, February 2nd 2002

We recorded two songs
For the Kangaroo Records 10 year anniversary 7"
One brandnew song called "Kangaroo Hop"
and a rerecorded version of "Easy Job"
previously released on the Tilburg Muziek Fabriek CD

Saturday, February 2nd 2002

Willem-Alexander and Maxima get Married
But there`s even bigger news:
John has bought himself a bassguitar!!!!!
a real Fender Jazz-bass

Finally one of our biggest wishes has come true.
We are going to play with our heroes from D.R.I.
This is gonna take place July 11th in 013 in Tilburg.

Friday, February 1st 2002

A new V/A is released by Royal Blood records
It`s a CD about the downsides of the Royal wedding of our Crownprince on 02/02/02
It`s called Maximaal Onthaal
We are the opening song :-)
See our Discography page and Reviews page

Monday, May 21th 2001

Kroket records released a 7" split e.p. containing Plankton and Milkman

Thursday, May 3rd 2001

New live-MP3`s added to our MP3 page

Sunday, January 28th 2001

CD-presentation in the Pits in Amsterdam
See our Gigs page

Wednesday, January 24th 2001

We have new T-shirts

Thursday, January 11th 2001

E-mailed artwork to printer...... IT WORKS !!!

Monday, January 8th 2001

This didn`t work either

Friday, January 5th 2001

A new Artwork-CD is sent directly to the printer

Wednesday, December 20th 2000

Oh Oh trouble, the CD with the Artwork on it seems to be unreadable

Friday, December 8th 2000

We played at a party in the Independent Outlet in Amsterdam
We also gave Henk the CD-master and the Artwork

Saturday, November 4th 2000

Pre-listen a few new tracks on our MP3 page

Monday, October 30th 2000

Kangaroo Records Henk agreed to release our second cd

Sunday, September 17th 2000

We are mixing our new cd

Saturday, September 9th 2000

We have recorded our second cd