Live @ Ifigineia, Merchtem

Live @ Ifigineia (29:34)

Very nice recording by Patrick sr.
Recorded with only two mics on the mixingdesk.
The accoustics weren`t very good, but it turned out decent enough. In the first part of the gig, we play the entire FFFRA album in 16 minutes, second part is a selection from our other albums.

Hard voor Willem II

Hard voor Willem II (07:18)

This is a recording of our gig at 013 at the Hard voor Willem II benefit gig. The first couple of songs are again missing, because something went wrong with the recorder, but it still gives a pretty good impression.
No sushi this time, but the tomato soup was excellent.

Japi`s afscheidsfeest
Sushi rules

Afscheidsfeest (29:52)

This is a recording of our gig at 013 for Japi who is going to do bookings at Watt in Rotterdam. Some friends and colleagues organized a party, got tons of sushi and asked us to play. Beer and sushi everywhere. The first couple of MilkMan songs are missing, because soundman Leon forgot to turn on the recorder. He must have been eating sushi. The second half is Japi`s surprise Suicidal Failure gig with champagne ending.
Did I mention there was sushi...

One Hour of Hell
Our fifteen year anniversary gig

One Hour of Hell, Part 01 (05:58)
One Hour of Hell, Part 02
One Hour of Hell, Part 03
One Hour of Hell, Part 04
One Hour of Hell, Part 05
One Hour of Hell, Part 06
One Hour of Hell, Part 07
One Hour of Hell, Part 08
One Hour of Hell, Part 09
One Hour of Hell, Part 10
One Hour of Hell, Part 11
One Hour of Hell, Part 12

Artwork for CD-booklet

Artwork for CD-inlay

This is a PA recording of our 15 year anniversary gig at 013, Tilburg on september 12th 2009.
A PA recording always sounds dull, weak, dead, flat or whatever euphemism you can think of to say it sucks, but don`t want to piss off the soundman who made it. Most of the times you only hear vocals. Sometimes you hear only drums and vocals, because the guitaramps were too loud etc.
For some reason this turned out pretty good. The mix was quite well balanced (Jelmer did a good job). Took me quite a while, many plug-ins and our trustworthy DBX tubecompressor to spice it up a little, because it was still dull of course. The result is pretty good though.
There`s also some artwork for those of you who want to put the whole thing on CD.

Fifteen Years of Hell
Our fifteen year anniversary album

Mediagitis (00:57)
Philosophies 2009 + Paaaiiin
Ben Ik te Punk (live @ OJC Jonosh)
Ho Ho Hotseee! (alt version)

It`s Not a Choice
(Our first demo)

It`s Not a Choice - Side A (19:12)
It`s Not a Choice - Side B

One thing that often amazes us, is that people come up to us and ask if our demo is still available. Does anyone still want that stuff?
We weren`t that loud and fast back then, at least not as loud and fast as we are today, but it does bring back memories of how it all started in 1994.
To further enhance our nostalgic mood and to celebrate our fifteen year anniversary, I`ve uploaded the original artwork as well in Hi-res, so you can print it and put the whole thing on cassette, just like the original. (For artwork and tracklisting go to the Discography page).

Cool rehearsal from October 2006

Backache (01:40)
Saving Private Rambo
Aging and Raging
Stille Tocht
Death Decision
Draagbaar Nederland
Feel the Greatness

Rehearsing in a recording studio can be really handy sometimes.
Especially when writing new material. Set up some mics, link the vocals from the PA system to the recording desk. Don`t worry about a decent soundcheck, just play...
Every now and then we wind up with some pretty cool material (We re-recorded some old stuff for our latest album this way). When cleaning out my harddrive I found an old rehearsal from october 2006 with some early versions of Nostalgiator songs.


Death Decision (00:56)
The Day God Died
Stille Tocht


Action Man (01:07)

This is a coverversion done by us for a BGK-tribute. It was recorded in the summer of 2005 and still hasn`t been released yet. It probably won`t be released anyway, so here it is....

Venom Tribute

Die Hard (02:33)

Live on Tour, Jan. 2003
- Live @ club MKNŽ, Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenia (14/01/2003)

MultiCultiSint (00:56)
Feeding The Bloodhounds / Skinflint
A Happy End

Is This Punk Enough for You?

Golden Blues (00:45)
Pink Heartshaped Balloon
Teargas & Trains

D.R.I. Tribute

Problem Addict (01:31)

Loved by Few... V.A.

The Kangaroo Hop (00:47)
Easy Job

Maximaal Onthaal

...En Brabant had als eerste de eer... (02:24)

Live @ 013, Tilburg
Fresh Fruit... release party (23/02/2001)

Who Gives a Shit Anyway (00:21)
City In Flames

Live @ Independent Outlet
- Basement party (08/12/2009)

Easy Job (00:26)

Fresh Fruit For Rotten Aliens

Philosophies (2000 version) (00:14)
City In Flames
Who Gives a Shit Anyway

Combover World

Philosophies (00:15)


Red de Sojaboon (01:22)

I thought it would be fun and very nostalgic to put the original version of Death Decision on this page. It`s called: "Red de Sojaboon" (Save the Soybean) and it was written by John and me somewhere in 1986. This recording is from 1988.


Mensch & Arbeit (03:31)

And this one is also cool. Meeri`s old band Dildozer. This was recorded somewhere in 1989.