Social Suicide (2013)
Our split with Tense Reaction on 10" vinyl.

Available from: MilkMan
Oi! Made in Holland 2 (2013)
29 bands performing 29 unreleased, classic or soon-to-be-classic Oi! and punk anthems from Dutch soil. There isnít a better way then to introduce the classic, the present and future heroes of our Dutch scene through this CD!
We`re one of the classics.

Available from: Rebellion Records
5 Year Anniversary (2009)
Shield Recordings 5 year sampler with: The Real Danger, Said and Done, Heartfelt, us and lots more

Available from: Shield Recordings
One Hour of Hell (2009)
Cool recording of our 15 year anniversary gig at 013 Tilburg. Download the complete gig (+ artwork for those of you who want a CD)

Available from: MilkMan
Fifteen Years of Hell (2009)
Our Fifteen year anniversary double-album. It contains new, old and live stuff. Eighty minutes of Hell.

Available from: Shield Recordings
Nostalgiator (2007)
Finally..... Four years after Is this Punk enough the time has come for a new album. We`re getting older and more nostalgic. So it`s time to whine about the good old days and play loud and fast.

Available from: Shield Recordings
Aging and Raging (2007)
Our demo from 2007
(Pre-recordings for our Nostalgiator album)
10 minuten met (2006)
Special release for the 40th birthday of one of our biggest fans Ko from Haarlem. Our (in)famous 10 minute set as played at the Short Fast And Loud Fest + extra tracks.
Oi! Made in Holland (2005)
V/A with lots of Dutch oi-bands like Razorblade and Knockdown and non-oi-bands like Disturbance and us.

Available from: Rebellion Records
Mayhem without Mercy (2004)
Venom tribute with lots of bands like Human Alert, DanDare, The Felchers and of course us playing "Die Hard".

Available from: MadSkull Records
Harder Faster Louder Better... (2003)
Cool tape containing the "Fresh Fruit..." and the "Is This Punk Enough..." albums. Available in Czech republic.

Available from: Drugs Kill Your Mind Records
Las Fronteras No Nos Paran (2003)
V/A MilkMan, DanDare, Mihoen, Nakse Bananen and many more.

Available from: Only available in Equador
Are We Punk Enough For You? (2003)
Our new promo CD.

Is This Punk Enough for You? (2003)
Our third album.
Available on LP and CD.

Available from: Kangaroo Records
Is This Punk Enough for You? (2003)
Cool sleeve made by Edu for the vinyl testpressing of "Is This Punk Enough for You?"
We don`t need Society (2002)
D.R.I. tribute
V/A Holy Moses, MilkMan, The Butcher, Ratos de Porao and many more.

Available from: Malt Soda Recordings
Loved by few, hated by most 7
V/A DanDare, MilkMan, Crispus Attucks, Breznhev and more.

Available from: Kangaroo Records
DP (Or Not DP) #4 (2002)

Available from: DP (Or Not DP)
Promo CD (2002)

Maximaal Onthaal (2002)
V/A MilkMan, Seein` Red, Brezhnev and a lot more.

Available from: Royal Blood Records
Skull (2001)
7" V/A The Neighbors, Yawp, MilkMan and a lot more.

Available from: Kangaroo Records
Eighties verantwoord E.P. (2001)
Split 7" with Plankt

Available from: Kroket Records
Fresh Fruit For Rotten Aliens (2001)
Our second CD.
16 songs (including intro) in 18 minutes.

Available from: Kangaroo Records
Hardcore: True or False? (2000)
Contains songs from us and other cool bands like: Yawp, Brezhnev, The Neighbors, Out Cold, The Despised, Bloody Sods and more.

Available from: Kangaroo Records
Combover World (1998)
Our first full length CD.
15 songs in 25 minutes.

Tilburg Muziek Fabriek (1997)
3 bands, 7 minutes per band.
7 songs from us.

Disco Roller Hits `95 (1995 of course)
Split 7" with The Yuppies, D.A.R. and Travoltas.
2 songs from us.

It`s Not a Choice (1995)
Our first Demo-tape.
12 songs in 20 minutes.
The B-side is a vintage remix of the same songs.