Once upon a time, in Tilburg in the mid-80`s era, there was a hardcore band called S.R.V. There also was a hardcore band called Kutnaam 1001. We and lots of other hardcore bands played in local venues like the BatCave. In 1994 Kutnaam 1001-vocalist Meeri joined forces with the three S.R.V.-members. From that moment on we existed as MilkMan.

MilkMan was:

Meeri - Vocals
John - Bass
Sers - Drums
Robin - Guitars

We just wanted to have fun and show what kind of hardcore we like by playing covers from cool bands. After that show we decided it would be a shame to quit and started working on our own material. This resulted in the demo "It`s Not a Choice" (1995) and our first cd "Combover World" (1998). Loud, fast and tight was going to be our motto. We played our first gigs and appeared on a couple of compilations.

In 2000 Kangaroo Records from Amsterdam started to show interest in us. Having a reputation for releasing loud and fast hardcore we felt it would be the perfect label for us. In 2001 Kangaroo released our second cd "Fresh Fruit For Rotten Aliens". The music was the most brutal music we`ve ever made. The reactions to the cd were very good and the MilkMan name started to spread further and further, resulting in more compilations (a.o. the official DRI tribute cd) and a split single with Dutch band Plankton.

Early 2003 we released our third album, "Is this Punk enough for you?", again on the Kangaroo label. Harder, faster, louder, better than ever before! 21 bursting songs in 24 minutes. For the first time the album has been released not only on cd, but also on vinyl.

Our live shows are getting better and better, loud, fast and above all, tight. Live MilkMan means no nonsense, let the music do the talking, full speed ahead shows. We played with bands like DRI, UK Subs, Cause for Alarm, Poison Idea, Gang Green, Carnivore, Pro-Pain, the Anti Nowhere League and of course Municipal Waste, with whom we played lots of gigs. Together with American label mates Out Cold we played shows in countries like Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovak Republic and Czech Republic.

In August 2007 it was time for our fourth album "Nostalgiator". Still fast, loud and tight, but slightly more diverse it took three days instead of the usual two to record and mix it. This time released by Shield Recordings it`s another highlight in our still expanding discography. Of course a new album means more gigs, having fun, drinking beer, meeting people, the main reasons why we started this band.

In 2009 we celebrated our 15th anniversary in style with a big party at the 013, a new album and a new website.

So here we are in 2018...
After 23 years John and Meeri quit the band, We still haven`t been able to find suitable replacements and have decided to take a little break, but we will be back...